$ 1,193 Simple Cremation Arranged Online
$ 1,395 Simple Cremation Arranged at Funeral Home
YOUNG~FULFORD is Tallahassee's
ONLY Privately owned Funeral Home
with an On-Site Crematory

Together, Skip Young and James  Sircy have more than 65 years of experience in assisting families with the loss of a loved one,
and Jackie Fulford has served this community for more than 20 years..

Our dedicated staff will work with you to make sure all of your needs are met,
and that you do not pay for services or products you do not need.

Contact us to set an appointment, schedule your tour of our funeral home, or ask any questions about the process.  


Cremation Services we Offer include a  Simple Cremation Arranged Online or in Person at Funeral Home; Memorial Services and Celebrations of Life at Numerous Venues;  and Visitations.  Please Call (850) 610-4444 for Details


This price includes everything listed in the "Simple Cremation with Arrangements Made in Person at Funeral Home", EXCEPT The Following Changes:  

O  Transportation to our Funeral Home is within 30 miles,       

      additional charge beyond 30 miles

O   Forms  Are Downloaded, Completed and Returned Via Email or Fax

      ** See Forms Below

O  Phone call with Funeral Director to Confirm the 

      Arrangements, To Notify You When All Required 

      Authorizations and Permits Have Been Received, and

      To Notify You When Cremains Are Ready to Be Retrieved by You 

O   A Simple Online Memorial Tribute

O  Cremains Returned in a Temporary Urn.


      We have a  Large Selection of Urns Available for Purchase starting at $49

      We Can Share These With You Upon Request at the Time Your Arrangements Are  Being Made.  

** The Leon County Health Department charges $10 per  Certified Death Certificate Copy.  You may order and pay for those through us and we will have them available for you at the time you come to receive the Cremains, or will mail them to you when received.

****NOTE:  You may also purchase urns, jewelry, keepsakes and additional services using our online and telephone arrangement assistance at the associated additional cost.  


This price includes all costs for Cremation:  


O  Transportation to our Funeral Home within 40 miles        O   Refrigeration Services for up to 5 days  

O  Basic Cremation Container                                                         O  Cremation by a Certified Cremation Technician 

O  Notification to the Social Security Administration              O  Securing all Required Authorizations and Permits 

O  Filing of the Death Certificate                                                    O Cremains Placed in a Temporary Urn

O  Notification to the Tallahassee Democrat of the Death      O  An Online Memorial Tribute

O  Continuing Grief Support                                                             O  Care, Compassion, Dignified Treatment of your loved one


We have a  Large Selection of Urns Available for Purchase starting at $49

**The Leon County Health Department charges $10 per  Certified Death Certificate Copy.  You may order and pay for those through us and we will have them available for you at the time you come to receive the Cremains, or will mail them to you when received.

          If you have lost a loved one and desire to have a simple or "direct cremation,"  please call us at (850) 610-4444.  We are happy to arrange an in-person meeting between you and either Skip Young, Owner and Licensed Funeral Director,  or James Sircy, our licensed Funeral Director in Charge.   

          The best way for you to fully understand and experience the quality of care we will provide to your loved one and to you, is to come to our Funeral Home and Crematory, located at 4948 Six Oaks Drive, Tallahassee, FL  32303.  We are the only privately owned Funeral Home in Tallahassee, Florida with an on-site crematory.  This is important, because it means that your loved one will remain in our custody and care from the moment we pick them up, until the cremation process is completed and the cremains are returned to you, all here in Leon County.  

          All of our staff members are certified cremation technicians and we take pride in ensuring that your loved one is treated with dignity and respect throughout the entire process.  We are a family owned and operated business and we treat all of the families that we serve, as if they are a part of our family.  

          The price set forth above will cover the costs of transporting your loved one to our funeral home up to 50 miles away.  Your loved one will be maintained in our refrigeration unit for up to 5 days, which is typically plenty of time to obtain the necessary authorizations and to complete the cremation.  We have the forms you will need to complete available electronically on the links listed below, for ease of completion by you.  We will take care of notifying the Social Security Administration regarding the death; obtaining all of the necessary authorizations and permits; filing of the death certificate with the Bureau of Vital Statistics; and providing a Death Notice to the Tallahassee Democrat. If you desire death certificates we will also obtain those for you, with you paying only the actual costs charged for them by the State of Florida.  They are typically in the range of $10 for each.   Some families also like to place obituaries in the Tallahassee Democrat, or other newspapers.  We are happy to assist you in placing the obituary, but note that the newspaper determines the amount they will charge based on length and other factors.  At no additional expense to you, we will place a Memorial Tribute for your loved one online at YoungFulford.com.  Finally, upon completion of the cremation, your loved ones remains will be placed in an attractive temporary urn for you.

          We offer a number of additional services you may decide you would like as well.  We have traditional memorial services, very unique celebrations of life arranged to fit the life that was lived, and a wide variety of urns and keepsakes to hold the cremains, including custom urns made by a private artist retained by Young ~ Fulford.  Please ask either Skip or James about these items if you are interested.   The cost of these additional goods and services are not included in the price set forth above, but are available at reasonable costs to you.

          If you research other funeral homes, you may see "packages"  offered to you that appear to be specially priced services.  We simply do not do business that way.  We do not want to sell you something you do not need or want by "packaging" goods and services together.  We let you select what you want from what we offer, providing you with the individual personal attention you deserve.  This does not mean we are not competitive in our pricing.   What it means to us is this:  Your loved one was born a unique individual, different than all others.  In passing they do not lose that uniqueness and their final disposition should be as special as they were.    

          We know that the most important thing to you is that your loved one continues to be cared for in a dignified and caring manner, and we assure you that the services provided by Young ~ Fulford Cremation and Funeral Services can not be matched by others.  

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